Does a girl have to talk to you in order for you to like her?

I have a big crush on this gym at my gym. We workout at the same time. Basically, I'm crushing big time, but he doesn't seem interested... it's not that he's disinterested, its just that well, we're strangers who see each other around, it's not like we have to interact etc.

I really want him to like me but when I tried to approach him with a question I froze up and seemed uninterested so he he just went back to his thing and I went back to mine. Now he ignores me...WHAT DO I DO?

I'm an attractive girl, but I think since I'm so quiet I come across as uninterested :(


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  • " I have a big crush on this gym at my gym..." XD lol

    I think you'd greatly improve your dating chances if you dated things that weren't workout facilities.

    Crazy idea I know :P

    You have to either try talking to him again, or let the interest go.

    • ahahah oops. ;)

      Won't I seem desperate/obvious I like him if I do so though? I mean, I talk to no one there he'd know what's up :(

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    • if he thinks your cute then it will take from there. It's okay to be a little nervous afraid - it's even quite the compliment if you tell him your nervous about talking to him - good luck and your welcome ^^

    • Thanks for BA ^^

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  • He might already be in a relationship. Or maybe he's gay. Or maybe he's just shy.

    Talking will certainly help, as it will at least give you some idea what's up with him. Don't stress too much about how you come off when you approach him. Just smile, act friendly, make some small talk. If he avoids you even more, then he might be uninterested.

    • I already know, from overhearing, that he's single... but I guess talking is a must, gotta overcome this fear ! hehe

  • ok here is the time to kick it old school I mean grade school old school. if your shy find out his rutine don't stalk lol but find out if he gets on a bike after weights and if there is one he always uses then leave a not for him with your name and number hell go even further put I think your hot do you like me check yes or no. I know it seems silly but come on so is being shy all he can say is no but if he says yes and you date then it leads to marriage and kids think how cool it would be to tell this story to them or anyone. I saw him he saw me I was scared so I wrote him a old school note then we fell head over hills in love. romance is always fun but don't be afraid to try or you will never get what you want.

    • haha this is cute! thanks for the idea, actually.

  • ...just do it again but don't freeze up haha

    • but he scares me! :( lol

  • i do notice girls who are attractive even if they never speak to me but would nead to have some conversation before deciding if I like them to see hwo their personality is

  • It's okay. I have crushes on inanimate objects, too and sometimes like to think they react to me.

    • hahah. glad its not only me

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