Why do I get the feeling that we're going nowhere?

I like a guy I have known for about two years and I am fairly certain he likes me too. He messages almost every day but our conversations have sort of been just pointless/silly stuff lately. He has asked me to go out with him and his friends a few times but I'm either always working or am attending another commitment.

I'm concerned that he's getting the impression that I'm not interested but that's definitely not the case. Also, our situation is a bit abnormal in that we slept together once, a while ago. I think this makes the prospect of a relationship sort of strange...

Guys and gals, any insight or advice?

Argh, I made the wrong choice of words with 'strange'. I don't think it makes the prospect strange, I guess I'm worried that if I show too much emotion, he'll freak out. I hope this sort of makes sense...


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  • If you like him you might have to tell him, drop hints or make it a little more obvious that you do .. this helps you put you're feelings out there a little and at the same time show him that you are in fact interested in him .. Due to the fact that you're usually not available that may also make him feel you are not interested try freeing up sometime and asking him if he would like to hang out just you and him ;) .. If you sleep together if it's one thing I learned is that if you don't make it weird they don't make it weird, guys see it as sex so there not going to make it a big deal .. If you see it as strange there's a reason you feel that way and you have to find out what exactly it is .. If you slept together once that doesn't ruin the chances of the relationship that may in fact increase the chances .. this is how I'm viewing everything let me know if this helped or if there's anything else I should know or can help with :)

    • It totally makes sense :) . . just go with the flow show the same amount of emotion he's showing it may be a little hard but at least you won't end up freaking him out which is exactly what you don't want to do, when he opens up more and starts to show more emotion then you can too without freaking him out ya know because guys are weird when it comes to emotions.

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  • How does sleeping together make the prospect of a relationship "strange"?

    If you're interested but have a crazy schedule, you just tell him so. Be nice, sort of apologetic, but explain that you'd like to spend more time together as both your schedules allow. Don't let him hedge; don't let him get the wrong assumption (that you're hanging out as friends)...

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