How long should I give a guy to think?

One of my good friends and I have liked each other on and off for quite a while, and I told him 2 weeks ago that I wanted to give it us a shot as being more than just friends. He said he didn't know, and had to think about it, and then I was bugging him for an answer last week and he said he actually hadn't decided yet, didn't want to screw it up and hadn't made a decision. Its been 15 days since we first talked about it, and I don't know how long I should give him before kind of demanding an answer, cause as it is now its really hard to be just friends and hang out, but if that's all he wants and he just comes out and says it then we can just be friends again.



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  • anything but yes is a no. If he really liked you, he wouldn't of hesitated. I learned this the hard way.


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