Is this online guy playing games or slow?

I feel like this guy online is playing games. He messages me on a dating site. Wants to meet and seemed nice. But he always left a week between messages even though he read them right away. (it says when they're opened). He asked me out and my account was about to expire by then so I messaged him my email and told him to email instead because my profile was expiring. He read that the next day.

But then he took ten days to email me. Why does he read the messages right away and take forever to answer? Is it some kind of game? It is annoying me to the point that I don't even feel interested anymore.


Okay so it wouldn't be rude to just not email him back?

I really don't expect a reply back ASAP right away, but it just seems stupid, like he has this f***ing formula in his head "Wait X days, message her, read, wait X days" and that is what makes it lame. It's so predictable. If you're going to play games, do it right.


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  • hahaha I think your upset because he is not chasing you, because that's what some girls expect, for guys do to immediately rush to write something back althought she takes her give him a break, if you don;t want him then forget him.

    • No sometimes I am so busy I don;t get time to write a thoughtful answer, so I read it and quickly run back to my things and send her a reply later. "Girls play those games too", there is no formula, but some guys are stupid enough to follow rules but this one seems like he is just playing hard to tell him "hey you been playin hard to get lol, you seem to be more busy than the president, you don't have kids do you lol?" and see his excuse, if he had no reason then forget it.

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