Meeting a girl I like for the first time


I am meeting a girl that I have been talking to online for a while (she is a friend of mine) and she is coming to visit me next month. Now, I have never been confident with dating girls because of some physical inadequacies and the corresponding anxiety (I have only one testicle). However, this is not even my problem. I have started to realize that for me to be truly happy I need to let this go...

Anyway, like I said I pretty much skipped the dating scene and I really like this girl. I am not a great looker, have tons of money (am a poor phd student) and not very tall. Damn, I am getting depressed as I write this! The good thing is she knows all of this :)

However, I would still like to make a good impression and at least do my best to be physically attractive to her. I would like to know ant tips/opinions on what I should and should not do when I see her in a few weeks time. Bear in mind that I have limited financial resources :)



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  • Don't show or talk about your insecurities or "physical inadequacies", be confident and outgoing . Take her on a picnic, go for walks, go see a movie or rent a few , from my experiences some women love when guys cook only for them, maybe try cooking for her. Try playing some music and dancing with her, play games, just try to keep her entertained while getting to know her.

    • That's a good point. I am just going to focus on being a fun guy.

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  • Personality and the real person you are makes a person love you and attractive. Period. Physical is always the first attraction but if you are not what the person someone feels you should be the physical can get turned off. Everyone can have some short comings but that doesn't mean you can't figure out or talk about what each other likes and try them out. Relationships aren't based on physicality its on how you BOTH can make it work. Besides the money is nice but it won't make up for what the emotions and love you can give her. Maybe once you meet that person who is it for you and vice verse you will see that your shortcomings will not bother them because you are a great person. It seems unlikely but believe it. women and men realize that at different times. If she chooses to see through your eyes, then believe me it will last a long time if not forever.

    Good luck hunn

    • Thank you for your lovely response! I guess I will just dress nice, wear a smile and see what happens. I do not think I am a horrible person or have a bad personality...just been a bit insecure and this tends to turn people off (naturally).

    • Sweetie everyone has them it only makes you human and never forget its natural. I'm sure she has them too (insecurities). You are welcome and you will be fine. =) enjoy yourself!

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