Would you consider dating a cousin if you found out they were adopted?

Say you vaguely remember them when there were young. You seen them once a year at Christmas as kids. They moved away for years and you never seen them or heard about them. Now your a teenager, and they move back and you see them at Christmas after all these years. You exchange numbers to hang out thinking it would be cool to hang out with family and get to know each other. Turns out you they are awesome, and just like u. You have the best times together and your inseparable, best friends and cousins, feels great to have a brother figure around. Your friends for a couple years now, and then your family is starting to wonder if there is anything going on with you two ( and there isn't at all ) But they mention the fact that he is adopted. And the weirdest part is that he didn't know he was adopted. Now he is hurt and distant from his family and turns to you. You kiss and it was the best kiss you ever had. You start to second guess that you two may actually really like each other...What do you do?


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  • Well unless you guys share the same DNA, then it's not incest... So it's not biologically dangerous.

    It basically comes down breaking normals "social conventions". If you don't care what people think then there really is nothing wrong with it.

    I actually have a friend, who yes, is in the same type of relationship, with a very distant and non related cousin. They've been together for years! They interact act family gatherings and everything.

    Yeah, I think it's a little weird, but hey, they're happy and I can tell you we all need some happiness so I do envy them.


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  • honestly I want to date my cousin I mean she is HOT and it seems like your family is fine with it so I say go for it essentialy in my opinion cousins are just friends you have to see every Christmas so have fun

  • date? in any case maybe you should deal with him hurting. I'd have been shocked if it turns out I'm adopted but still he should be thankful to his parents who has raised him and I'm sure love him just as much as their own child.

    • he defintely is and he still considers him self their son and hasn't brushed them away, he loves them, he just turned to me to see what to do? and I helped him through it. But now when we hang out and were not blood related, it just makes you wonder. I think its natural, but its hard, because we do like each other but we don't know what to do about it?

    • well if that's the case then you should try to date. It's no use denying if the attraction's there. And answer me honestly, if he's not adopted you'd still consider dating him right? Your family doesn't seem to object anyway (I have a friend who dates her blood-related cousin and their family objects).

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