Why do you still like your significant other?

The person that I like..he's not the most good looking person but I get so attracted to him...he's done a lot of things that makes me tick! Sometimes he makes me feel left out.. But in the end, I like him anyways. Probably on account of the way he tries making me smile :)

So why do you still like your SO?


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  • I rather like girlfriend, because she's also my best friend. I've been her friend for almost 9 years, and have been her boyfriend for about 4¾ years. It's been great. What I love about her is that she is the most lovable, sweet, charming, adorable, energetic, generous, and trustworthy person I know. She's also drop dead gorgeous, sexy, and a teensy bit perverted. Not to mention she's easily the best in bed that I've ever had, and she keeps getting better. I love it.

    I love her with all my heart, and I trust her with anything. Especially since as far as I can tell, in all 9 years, she has never done anything dishonest, and never done anything to remotely shake my trust in the slightest. I pledge my soul to her, and wouldn't trade a moment of our time for anything. It's been a blast. We don't fight, we don't argue much, we don't even have that many disagreements, unless it involves the occasional movie, or music selection. Other than that it's always been smooth sailing.

    She's been good to me, and I to her. It's been constantly romantic. She's made me feel great. Hell, she's basically kept me happy this entire time. Even pulled me out of a huge depression I was in, right before we got together. I still don't think she fully realizes how much I love her, or how much she does for me, just simply by being her. It's not exactly something that a person can easily quantify or put into words. I love her more than anything else. Really. I often feel like I don't deserve her. Or like nothing I could ever do would be enough to repay her for all the love, tenderness, and wonder she's shown me.

    She's the most amazing person I've ever met, and she's way out of my league. I'll never understand what she sees in me, but if I never find out, I'll be alright. Just knowing that she does see something in me, that she cares, and that she's happy, for whatever those reasons are, it's enough.

    I love her.


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  • She has a feminine quality to her that I just can't understand.

    There's mystery to her, whenever I look at her, I always want to know what's on her mind.

    It makes me want to do things for her, just so I can know how she feels.

    She stirs a curiosity in me, that sometimes keeps me up at night watching her sleep wondering what she's dreaming about. Like a 15 minutes ago, she checked on me in my office wondering what I was up to.



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  • i feel that too :(

  • Sorry, what's a SO?

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