This chic just comes up to my boyfriend and starts hitting on him

So last night I was out last night with a few friends. My boyfriend leaves me briefly to talk to a school mate of his, and he suddenly comes back with his shirt unbuttoned. He immediately told me that some random girl came up to him from behind and started to unbutton his shirt and get all touchy. He walked away from her though..

I know I probably should not be mad because he told me about it and didn't do a thing. My guy friend who was with us told us it to worry about it (he is my bro and I trust him). Even ran into an old friend of mine and she told me the same thing.

I'm still so pissed though. Would anyone care to share some advice as to how I can get over this? Or any input at all? Answers would be very much appreciated.

Omg. Didn't notice how I repeated myself back there. X_X


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  • Somebody's psycho (and I'm talking about you, QA).

    Another girl see your boyfriend, think he looks good, and makes a pass at him.

    Why the f*** are you mad?

    If you don't want to get mad over a guy that EVERY other female in the world finds unattractive.

    Otherwise, you're gonna have to deal with those situations.

    Btw...ur boyfriend didn't do anything wrong. So why are you mad?

    • Well you obviously do not understand how I feel. I never said I was angry at him, I said I was angry at the girl. I'm not used to this situation and I am still trying to get over what happened - please read and understand the question before you start calling me a "psycho". I never said I'd beat the sh*t out of that chic (physically - but I'd call her a train tunnel if I'd have the chance).

      Of course if a total douche made a pass at your chic, you'd get a little pissed too.

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    • No worries. I'm just in my first long-term relationship ever so I'm totally clueless about this stuff.

      And yeah, you are right. That chic obviously didn't know I was there, and I'm so glad that my boyfriend managed to walk away and tell me about it. Which is a good sign. Ayee - I know it shouldn't even matter because even he doesn't remember what the chic looks like, and that he went home with me.

      Now I feel retarded because I've been acting a little unattractively about the whole thing. >.<

    • On a side note - my boyfriend said that he hopes that I'm still nothing over what happened during the weekend. I told him what I realized - he walked away anyhow and that chic's rep will be her own problem when she finally wants to have something serious with someone.

      I don't know what he means by saying that I'm still nothing over that, but he says he's glad I understand.

      My feelings are confuusing me. (I do tend to over think - worst flaw to have ever.)

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  • nothing to get over. he was offered the chance to cheat, he turned it down, you win. case closed.

    • Thanks dude. Am I the only one that would get mad if I saw someone hitting on my significant other? :L

  • thats pretty ballsy for a woman, I would try to focus on something else, she doesn't have your man, you do.

    • Thanks man - that was a really refreshing reminder of the big picture. :)

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  • You should find the girl and try to murder the at least that's what I would do...I get exreamly jeolous yea no body touches what belonges to me ...