PLEASE HELP! D: I think I was really boring him!

Hey, I've just been out with a friend, who's a guy, who just so happens to be someone I really really like. It was my first time going out alone with a boy, especially one who I like. I was really shy, and, If I'm honest, quite boring! I could tell he got bored too, because he's quite outgoing. I'm a bit younger than him, and I know he doesn't like me back, but how can I fix this?! I also texted him to say sorry for being boring. I don't know if this was a mistake or not but he hasn't texted back! D: PLEASE PLEASE HELP! much appreciated x


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  • It was not mistake. Nice thing about people is that they forget bad things. Just be nice next time and he won't remember this one.

    For next time. Prepare a little. Imagine what you want to be like next time and practice to get those communication or other skills.


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