Why do some guys assume that you and a girl are dating or together?

if you didn't ask her to be your girlfriend?

like you may talk and flirt and say things like "i want to kiss you" or "i want to cuddle" and she might come back with a flirty comment or agree that it would nice etc etc basically showing lots of interest in each other but the guy never asks "will you go out with me?" or "will you be my girlfriend?"

so how will the girl know that its real if you're under the impression that it is but didn't say anything?


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  • because that's kinda stupid, I think you will find that it has become more of a problem in the modern world were actual relationships and marriages are becoming a thing of the past


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  • Many times people will just fall into a relationship, and the titles become presumed.

  • a lot of people assume me and this one girl are dating because of how much we flirt. You can kinda end up in a relationship I guess


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