How can I make it up to her?

I have been dating this girl for ten months. But lately I don't feel happy with the way I've been treating her.

Could I please have any suggestions that:

Girls: You would Like?

Guys: You would do?


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  • how exactly are you treating her?

    • Its more sometimes I get angry with what she says to me because it seems she is getting really upset with the things I am doing for no apparent reason. Had a long conversation with her were it ended with a mutual thing on the topic and settled its peace. But it just seems I'm not treating her the way I expect I want to treat her. I just feel I don't satisfy her emotionally and physically sometimes and id like to change that to treat her better then right

    • listen more, talk more. you don't need to take her out on special dates, but be more patient, let her rant, listen

    • I do try to talk more but the convos don't last long at all somedays

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  • turn around and treat her right, that's all she would really want

    good luck! :)

    • Hehe I do treat her right, the problem is its not the way I want to treat her. I want to treat her that bit better then right and I'm out of ideas

  • Make a special date something smooth and romatic candle light dinner

    flowers and chocolate are also good


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