He said, she said...What does it all mean?

My boyfriend and I recently broke up and I My best guy friends brother has been interested for awhile. I started texting him and he told me he's kinda been waiting for me and my boyfriend to break up and that he's liked me since summer (we use to all chill a lot over the summer, so I know him pretty well).

Last night we went on a date and it was really nice, and at the end of the night when he dropped me off he kissed me, but it was really aggressive like he wanted it to lead to something else...(I'm not about that, esp on the first date) so I kinda pushed away but he was insistent finally just got out of the car and left.

Today I was hanging out with my guy friend and he said that his bro said that I was all over him last night, and thinks I just want to get ..., that was not the case at all. So now I don't know what any of that means. I thought I was being proper and I made myself clear and now he's saying I'm the floosey? why would a guy do that? And it sucks because I've been feeling this guy for awhile.


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  • It's about you finding an a-hole. Unfortunately there is a number of guys that does that...what happened is that by putting your foot down you drew a line. He felt rejected...and he's trying to be one step ahead of you. He might be afraid you would tell your side of the story first, so he told his with a slight alteration: he's the hero, not the guy who was rejected.

    My advice: stay way from him, or if you're crazy about him make a very clear point on how things should be done.

    • this guy was my friend first too. I'm just shocked...i never saw him as the a-hole type, but I guess he is.

    • Looks like. You can always give him a chance to explain if you want...but it seems he's the "a" type.

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