Why did he act interested at first and now he isn't?

There's this guy I like, his name is Mike. Me and Mike worked in the same building for a year. I had a boyfriend at the time so we didn't talk much. He attempted to flirt a few times, I joked around with him too but that's it. Me and my boy friend at the time had broken up, I was hurt so I still never gave any indication to Mike that I was interested ( and I really was ) I ended up moving 3 hours away. Well a few weeks after I left he started messaging me on Facebook. He said he always noticed me. He gave me his number to text him so I did. We started talking regularly for 2-3 hours at a time but then I noticed it was always me texting him. He was flirty in his texts, and we really enjoyed talking to each other. But now it's getting to be less and less and I texted him once this week saying hi, and I didn't get a response...I wanted to get to know him since I may be moving again for a better job much closer to him now. But now he won't respond to me and I'm not sure why as everything seemed OK. Did he figure it was pointless or did he get tired of texting? And why did he wait until I left to start talking to me? I told him I may be moving again and he said " there ya go :)". Did he get scared?

oh and I erased him from my contacts, I didn't want to bother him aymore. I don't know his number either, so I can't text him even if I wanted to, I think it was a good idea on my part before I say anything I regret and It will just let him come to me right?


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  • In my view you are " Overthinking it " ...Nothing happened in a LONG time ..you are 3 hours away ..The guy logically considers it a total Waste of time ... You possibly didn't tell him you were to move ? You basically Ignored him in the Office ... Thinking about it , you have not made your point CLEAR at all . Guys HATE walking around Mazes and overthinking things ...Contact him and make things CRYSTAL CLEAR ..BLACK and WHITE !

    • lol I tried! I flirted with him, called him cute, and told him I was thinking of him...I don't know how much more clear I can make it?

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