How do you make the transition between friend and girlfriend?

I'm not sure what it is, but now that my girlfriend and I have agreed to be in a relationship, I'm finding it scarier and harder to know when to talk to her. When we were friends I never felt like when I see she was on Facebook chat that I couldn't chat with her for awhile. Now that she's my girlfriend, I'm intimidated about how much to talk to her to not appear clingy. The problem is though, she's never had a boyfriend, so she's being actually a little more distant than when she was my friend. It's like she's not sure how to act now since we changed the status quo.


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  • Sounds like both of you are just unsure how to act now that you have started seeing each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. You should talk to her about it. Tell her just what you said here and ask her how she feels. Then you'll both be a little more comfortable with the situation. And as time goes by you'll get into a routine and won't have to think so much about it. Good luck!

  • Just because you're dating doesn't mean you guys can't still act like friends. Dating is friendship, just a level up. It can be really dangerous foe people to change once they've started dating. So I would say talk to her just as much as before unless she talks to you about it or asks for some distance. She's probably wondering the same thing, so I would agree that you should talk with her. Let her know you feel she's a little more distant and talk it through. Seriously, being open with each other and not holding anything back is the key to a healthy, non-misunderstanding relationship.

    • Yeah I agree, it's just right now we are doing long distance until I graduate in May so that adds a wrinkle to it. She also said I just want to let you know that I want to be able to take things slow and just see where things go with skype and trying to make things work, and I trust you in that. So I probably do need to talk to her about what she means by taking it slow, but I think she's just not sure how to treat me now.

    • Gotcha. Yeah, that can make things difficult. I dunno, I guess I see no harm in just chatting over Facebook as much as you were, as long as neither or you start getting expectations of the other too high or getting too clingy. Clingy is not so much how often you talk to her, clingy is more in the content. This is usually things like, where are you going, who are you with, will you promise to call me later, when can I see you type of thing :p

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