How's your dating life like for those who consider yourselves "boring" or "innocent"?

The idea of boring is different for everyone, but if you'd say that you would be considered boring, how is your dating life going? Is it non existent? Difficult? Normal? Amazing?


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  • pretty much this. last year I liked this one guy, so I asked him out we tried to see how it would go, suddenly people won't stop talking about us, people wouldn't stop telling me what I should do, so I asked him about what had been going on and we decide to be friends. also one girl that used to like him won't leave me alone now.

    now aside from that freak experience people apparently have decided I should be the one innocent person in the world, so I guess I shouldn't plain on it anytime soon :| moral of the story teenagers are so weird :P


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  • lol I know I live a boring life outside of my school and sports so my dating life's OK, it's not non-existent but it's not great either. I'm also really quiet and shy around guys. I've gotten better though and my confidence up so I'm tryin to change my dating life into something more exciting!

    • That's a great attitude to have!

    • Do you think you're boring or innocent because you're shy?

    • partly yeah, shy and being an introvert I'm fine with not talking to someone all the time. but innocence because I choose not to have sex and party. Most guys my age are looking for that kinda girl so I get the short end of the stick lol but no hurt in working on my flirting/social skills while I find out what they're looking for, right? so when I do find the right guy I don't blow it lol

  • Non existent : ) LOL

    • How come? I'm sure you've been approached before at least with those pretty eyes!

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    • Yup agree with you there, though college has it's new types of immaturity unfortunately.

    • Oh I am aware. : )

  • Sporadic because I live at home and I'm about to graduate college so I'm in this transitional period...

  • not that great to be honest. but it's my resolution to change that. instead of always waiting, I'm going to take the initiative when the chances come up so I won't have any regrets

    • Good luck then!

    • Why do you think you're "boring" or "innocent" though?

    • because I'm quiet and keep to myself. I get overlooked a lot or even when I'm not, I have no idea what to say. but that's going to change

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