Inexperience....tell her or not?

Well for reasons like chasing my dreams, career, and flat out bad luck I find myself in my 30’s and never having been in a serious relationship. There have been plenty of one night stands and a friends with benefits along the way but when it comes to moving past a 2nd date I am a train wreck and often turn potential girlfriends into “friends”. I am that guy who is a blast to hang out with which is why the first two dates go so darn well, but after that I am as smooth as 80 grit sand paper.

So here is my dilemma, I just had my 2nd date with a young woman and we are hitting it off REALLY well. Besides a couple of dates we spend lots of time on the phone since we don’t live super close to each other. Well the last date went great, lots of mutual touching and ended the night with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Well I already know I am seeing her again and I am facing the question of should I simply tell her my past? I have tried to push though it in the past with little luck, I am a very confident person and don’t worry about the rejection if that is what happens…..but hell I really like her and I think the feeling is mutual. My only worry is I come off in all other parts of my life as this super strong person who has no problem getting what he wants, little does she know I have this one major flaw hiding in wait.

So should I simply tell her when the time is right, I know we will get some alone time next weekend and odds are this is when my inexperience will start showing through anyways.


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  • Just be honest, if she likes you as much as you like her she will be understanding and grateful you are in touch with your emotions to be able to hold your hands up and say how inexperienced you are! Relationships are about communication and if you can't communicate something that is this big to you .. then it can be the beginning of the end. If she doesn't understand or is not compassionate about your insecurity about experience then she's not the girl for you

    • Well now I am back at square one...might have to flip a coin on this one. Thanks for the feedback.

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  • Inexperience isn't a flaw first off. Past relationships shouldn't have much to do with present ones, just focus on her and the relationship, think positively, this should be a fun experience for both of you!Telling her would make you seem unconfident which you said you aren't so don't even worry about bringing it up, you should tell her your strong points rather than all your "flaws". Those reveal themselves eventually but if the feelings for each other are strong and sincere, they shouldn't matter anyways!

    • Well I guess it will be a true test if it was really meant to be, thanks for the feedback.