Would you date someone even if you'd know that you are a rebound to them?

What I'm asking is..

If you were almost certain that you were a rebound to that person, would you date them either way?

why or why not?

Thanks for your answers in advance.


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  • If it was someone I wanted to yes. Maybe. It would be fun and turn out to be more than a rebound.

  • I wouldn't do it. why? because of pride. just the fact that I know that I'm just his rebound his not flattering at all. also because of other reasons like I'd probably worry about actually falling 4 him. that would be a really tough situation 2 put myself in because the guy most likely won't start having feelings for me 2 because I'm just a rebound anyway, and last but not least, I wouldn't be a guy's rebound because I'd also worry about him kicking me 2 the curb the second his ex girlfriend decide 2 give him another chance 2 work out their relationship.


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