My love triangle...I can't decide what's truly best for me?

Alright I'll give you guys some insight there are 3 guys that I have had my eye on so I can't decide what's best for me guy #1 him and I have great chemistry and has the brightest future from all 3 but he has way to much emotional luggage and he's a man who doesn't keep his word and I honestly don't feel like he's the right one for me and on top of that I'm not that physically attracted to him but his major flaw is the emotional luggage then there's the 2nd guy who has been massively in love with me for years and well I don't really feel that way about him and on top of that he has a crap load of problems and he has absolutely zero ambition as to improve his life better but from the 3 he's the one that truly loves me then there's the 3rd guy who I have been massively in love with and him and I have a huge history but he's a major player and he just sees me as a girl for sex but like I said he's the one that has my heart and I hate it because he's a huge player but yet he has his moments where he shows he has feelings for me so I honestly don't know which guy I should go for


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  • How about number 4? the one youd be more comfortable with that doesn't have any crap attached to him. Maybe its time to find a new boy that you like for everything and not have a downside to

    • True, I definitely went for the better guy, mind you he was the only one I had my eye on so I'm lucky.

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