Hooking up with a guy friend, I don't know what to do or if I should end it.. help please?

I'm currently hanging out and hooking up with guy that happens to be a friend, but he is starting to become distant. I see him talking and flirting with other girls and that doesn't bother me much, but I still want to keep the friendship aspect in tact. How do I end this without screwing up everything and not becoming attached? Also a friend of his whom I have always gotten along with asked me to dinner the other day, and I agreed, was this a good idea?


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  • it was just a casual hookup. he's flirting with other girls and your going on a date with another guy. You both just wanted some, so you got it, everyones happy

    If your going on dates with his friend, then stop the friends with benefits stuff. don't be angry or anything because you also have shown this isn't gonna be a long term thing. so just next time you hang out, say you just wanna stay friends and stop the hookups for now.


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  • okay here's the thing. he's your friend. he's allowed to flirt with other girls, and talk to them, that doesn't mean he isn't still your friend. that's why friends with benefits makes these things all complicated.

    and go to dinner! why not? You are just hooking up, not dating. Remember, boundaries.