Guy I've started seeing.. sat down & said... "I feel like food is ruling my life" --translation anyone?

I'm not sure what he meant. I mean I thought of several possibilities immediately--but its an odd thing to say. He was eating a sandwich.

tired & frustrated & a bit disappointed because things have been kind of hectic for me-so we have not seen each other much. And I have not called him because I do not want to bother him in case he is studying

Your impressions on the statement?


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  • I might know exactly when he meant

    how long have you known him?

    • really? col.

      well, I don't know exactly. he said we met a year ago. but I don't remember. anyways he only got up the nerve to talk to me about two months ago (not saying it was his have talked t him, but I did not know he was there) . we started seeing each other a wee ago. but wed been studying together daily-for a month before that.

      So I guess I've known him a few months.. but really only just started to get to 'know' him.

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    • ok.. but I'm taking it down after an hour :)

    • just sent friend request

      u can take it down now

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  • He's being passive aggressive and trying to play the sympathy card.

    Here's what he's wishing will happen:

    "Geez babe, food is ruling my life... :-( "

    "Oh no honey!, instead of food, let me give you a blow job whenever you want it!"


    • haha lol

      well he IS passive aggressive. but I didn't think he was that tacky.. maybe he meant it subconsciously.

      but what does food ruling his life mean. like he's eating for reasons other than hunger?

  • He might be suggesting it to you, and really means what he says . . .

    • suggesting whta-what does that mean?

      that he's hungry, broke, depressed.. I don't know what it means even literally. suggesting what ?

    • he might be telling you basically get control of your wieght & is getting out of control...

    • he said food is ruling HIS life-not mine.

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