Would you text a girl after the first kiss if you weren't interested?

Guy kisses girl, they fall asleep on the couch, next morning a bit more kissing, guy goes home. Hours later get a text saying hey how are you? Would you do this if you didn't like the girl, or out of courtesy? Am totally confused as have heard nothing since. I've know him a few months, not close though, more acquaintances

sorry last comment meant to say phones been acting up!


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  • There are a number of factors to consider, but if for some reason I ended up on a couch with someone of the opposite gender and kissed her and kissed her again the following morning, followed by a text, then it wouldn't just be out of courtesy.

    first question is did you reply to his initial text afterward or ignore it? what was your response like? was it over the top, normal or could it have been read as though you wasn't really that interested?

    another thing to take into consideration is how long has it been since all this happened, is it days, weeks, months?

    And then there is how you came to be on the couch in the first place?, you say you have known him a few months, but not close, but you obviously went on a date, or am I wrong? have you tried to text him since he went quiet?

    To save confusion and messing your own head up, contact him and ask how he is, and see if he replies and how he replies, or just ask him outright.

    Good luck

    • I texted him back, I don't think I was OTT or to casual, I texted him a couple days later, got a reply straight away, I texted him and no reply after that, which I thought was odd. Although my phone's bee and acting, I've not received a few messages from other people. we see each other in a group setting once a week. We weren't on a date either. he was over in my place with a few friends, they went home he stayed back for while, we had a few drinks as was new years, then he kissed me. :)

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  • No, I wouldn't do it if I wasn't interested. He's still there.

  • No. But then again I don't kiss girls I'm not interested in.

    He might just be busy. We get distracted. Give him the benefit of the doubt.

    If you can, maybe try asking a mutual friend if they know anything about him?

  • i would just avoid such a girl if I kissed her by getting drifted with the mood...!


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