How to keep her interest levels up?

Met this really great girl at a NY party and we really hit it off. Saw her a few days later and everything was good.

Left it a few days and surprisingly got a random text off her which I took as a positive sign. I imagine she is probably waiting for me to contact her next but I'm going to be away for the next couple of weeks for work. What should I send her to keep her interest levels or in the very least to let her know that I am still interested in her?


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  • Something along the lines of "I would really like to talk to you, but I'm going to be gone for the next two weeks blah blah" is the best you can do. If you can still text her while you're gone, do so. It doesn't have to be excessive, that would be annoying anyways. Just enough to show her you care. She'll be honored that you found the time you did to talk to her when you were busy. If you can't text or call her while you're gone, try to manage a goodnight or goodmorning text. If all else fails, letting her know you won't be able to text her until you get back should work.

    If you're super worried about her getting snatched up while you're gone, make date arrangements before you leave.

    Hope this helped!

    Val Pal


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  • I would just let her know that you are going to be out of town and that you would like to see her again when you return. Texting everyday would be a little strong if you just met her. Keep it simple if she knows you want to see her again she will have a couple weeks to look forward to it.

  • Will you be able to text while you're gone? If so,text her daily(but not in a clingy kind of way)just say hi,stuff like that. A person doesn't text if they're not interested;-)

    Good luck!:)

    • Not really, I'm gonna be working abroad on a contract so contact will be limited

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