Guys, what happened to my ex?

I was dating this guy and I did everything I could to make him fact I paid for most dates and I always came to him whenever he wanted. I pleased him sexually when he wanted and was an all around great girlfriend.

I'm not saying I'm perfect either, but I'm confident that I'm a very attractive, fit girl and he always went on about how hot I was anyways.

Come to find out 2 weeks ago...he cheated on me and decided promptly after to leave me for this girl. She's a heavy drinker, she has huge gauges in her ears, smokes, does drugs, is covered in tacky tattoos(she has circus animals on her arms), and beyond all that...she's naturally unattractive.

He still tries talking to me and its sort of no wonder!

Why would a guy leave a beautiful, nice classy girl for someone like THIS!?


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  • It's what jerks do. He's just taking you for granted or most likely just someone to have sex with. The question here is CAN you leave that kind of guy? I know that most women can't.


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  • because we all want what we can't have. It is a shame, that he doesn't know what is happening to him. He gave up a great girl for someone less deserving. He is an idiot, but it is your fault. This is what you have done wrong:

    You gave him too much control over you.

    You are no longer a challenge. No more mystery in the air. You give him whatever he wants, when he asks for it. The balance is completely tipped in his favor. Life with you is boring. He would rather trade down for a bit of a challenge.

    • I understand that logic, but she does the same thing and even more. She slept with him right away. I never slept with him, but I always gave him blow jobs. Ironically I was finally ready to sleep with him when he did this. (It was just over a month into the relationship)

      She writes on his Facebook constantly and likes everything and praises him non-stop. So while I would think that's the case...she's actually even easier than me!

    • He's not good for you. There are better men out there. Why are you jealous if this other girl is so much less than you? Laugh it off.

    • I'm jealous because she has what I want and she seems so much less deserving.

  • seems you're stuck in kind of a superficial / shallow analysis. He doesn't seem to have been into you because of your looks, sexual prowess or eagerness to please him. Maybe he wanted something you couldn't deliver and this girl can, in spite of being unattractive to your eyes. Maybe she gets him in a way you don't. Maybe regardless of being quite different to you he finds her somewhat prettier.

    Take a deep look at her, try to see beyond the tattoos and such and see if what got him might have been a character thing.

    Good luck, stay fit!

    • She's a user and slightly there is no "character" perspective.

      I'm a nice girl, with manners, tact, and a degree. It just makes no sense.

    • You're misjudging I'm afraid. Her using any kind of drugs or alcohol does not rend her useless to understand or share a guy's vision. You're posing yourself almost as a perfect 10 based on what you look like, your education and manners and I'm just saying he might just not care about all of that. Think of it. He obviously had a reason for cheating you with her, and an even bigger reason for dumping you for her.

  • I kind of agree with the other ones who say you should not see her just through her appearance, and therefore, not see yourself through your appearance neither.

    Anyway, maybe the guy is just unstable. New girl, new thrills for a while, and so on...

    If I can risk a piece of advice, you have to affirm yourself a bit more. You're not a sex toy, you're not a wallet on legs, you are a human being, and you should behave as an equal to your partner. If there is no balance, then the guy isn't for you.

    Good luck with your future boyfriends :)

  • And still girls have no idea what men find attractive...


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  • You doing everything you can to make him happy might be nice, btu it's not going to ensure someone likes you. Attraction has to go both ways. I guess you just weren't his type. But anyway, it sounds like you're better off without a guy like him.

    • I just said all he ever talked about was HOW attractive I was.

    • okay, but I mean all-around attraction. he has to be attracted to you as a person and respect you for things to work.

  • Well that's a great attitude a bit arrogant to. Maybe she has a better personality who know's? Ask