I want to ask her politely about her blond friend, what do I do here?

Last Saturday night, I noticed a pretty blond girl in a Nightclub sat with her brunette friend. The blond girl was giving me a fair bit of attention in the way of flirtatious glances/smiles and hair flicks etc, needless to say I was very interested in her too. I was all set to approach her when her friend (brunette) approached me and my two friends instead.

She began asking us questions about where we were from etc. As it turned out, the brunette girl was actually the younger sister of someone I was in school with and I hadn't seen in approximately ten years. We had a bit of a catch up whilst I kept trying to drop her blond friend into the conversation, hoping she would call her over (she was now sat alone) and introduce her to me, but it was late (4am), the lights quickly came on, as it was closing time. The girls left before we did as we had drinks to finish, at which point the blond girl passed, making eye contact and smiled, which I took as another sign she was interested in me. I drank up and tried to find the two girls outside but could not see them anywhere in the crowds.

I woke up the next day with the blond girl still in my mind and knew the only way I can ever find out who she is was to look up the brunette girl on Facebook, add her as a friend and try to ask her about her blond friend.

My question is this; I have added the brunette as a friend and she accepted pretty much straight away. Now I want to ask her politely about her blond friend, ie; who she is, does she have a boyfriend, is she even local? How do I go about this? Do I just write the brunette girl and ask her straight up or are there rules to this, especially as I've not spoken to the brunette girl in a decade and she hardly owes me a favor?

Many thanks in advance.

Sorry guys, I've just read that back and it sounds pretty confusing, but it should make sense if you read it carefully.


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  • You want to know about her friend, so ask her. You got nothing to lose and all to gain. You haven't seen the brunette in 10 years, big whoop, unless she's a total bitch I doubt she will mind you asking about her friend.