I don't know how to handle the situation?

so the situation I'm in deals with two boys. a boy I currently talk to, and a boy I was really close to a few years ago but we have drifted apart.

two days before Christmas at the mall I ran into boy #2. the one I Haven't seen in four or so years. It was really, really, really nice to see him.( I used to like him a lot) He's actually the one that came up to me. it was so natural and flawless. He approached me in a way as if we talk every day. so I've been thinking about him and our old relationship since then. and it makes me sososo sad that we aren't friends anymore. I know he's single. But also, he had a couple bad breakups so he's convinced that he's going to be single for the rest of his life. which makes it hard to reconect and stuff.

then there's boy #1. he dated my best friend and now currently has a new girlfriend. I'm not so sure if I have more than friend feelings for him, but I do think about him a lot. which I absolutely hate.

So, thinking about boy #2 has caused me not to think about boy #1. which I kind of like a whole lot. because I feel guilty thinking about a boy who not only is taken but dated my best friend. I don't know which is worse. thinking about a boy who I know I probably won't be friends with again(which just leads to crushed hopes..haha) or feeling horrible about thinking about a boy who is taken and dated my best friend. What should I do? I feel like I just want to forget them both ( as potential SOs) but I know that probably won't happen for a while. help me! thanks :)


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