Guys, how do you look at dating/dates?

Personally, I look at dating as just getting to know the person. I like talking to more than one guy at a time to get to know whoever may be interested...if I'm interested too of course. When I start to go on multiple dates with a certain guy is when I stop talking to others and see what happens with this guy.

So my question, do you look at dating as a casual thing to get to know a girl you're interested in or do you think a girl would be a slut/etc. if she were talking (ONLY talking/dating, nothing intimate) to other guys while she was talking to you?


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  • lol I pretty much do the same thing as you. I like to get to know multiple girls first, but if I"m really into one then I'll just try with her and not the others. Feels guilty to the others, and who has time to date multiple people for a long time?

  • Hm, that's tricky. Well as long as you both agreed that the guy you're talking to (and yourself) are not exclusive, it's okay to do that because chances are the guy is doing the same thing too. But, I think as soon as you get the slightest hint of feelings for a guy is when you should stop talking to the other guys because then that's when things get serious. It'd be good to let the other guy know just in case but use good judgment since some guys get extremely angry if they find out that you may be talking to other guys as well as to them.

    • It is very tricky. I know there's a very fine line but if I start to like the guy I do stop talking to other guys too haha

    • alright, well then I think what you do is okay then. I wouldn't think it's slutty then, it's just playing the field.

    • exactly

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