Why wouldn't my fling text me back anymore suddenly after he wanted to see me so much?

Hey everyone,

So I've been seeing this guy that I met in a club around 2 months ago(He works where I work but has a higher position than me). We've been flirting a lot in text messages and he always wants to see me. I basically try to see him once a week because I do not want to get too attached to him, but I have to admit that sometimes I tell him that I would see him and when that day comes I tell him I have other plans. And, I don't see him at work because 4 out of the 5 work days he is out of town because he is working on a project in another location.

My question is, that last Friday when I told him I wasn't sure if I would see him he never texted me back. I texted him Saturday asking how he was and Sunday asking him if he was mad at me and he never replied.

Guys and girls what do you think? Is he trying to make me miss him or something because I always ditch him or do you think he just doesn't want anything to do with me anymore, or anything else?Should I text him again soon?

I've got to admit the whole ignoring thing is making me think twice about him, it's just that I got hurt in the past and I don't really want anything serious at the moment but I do miss him

I'd appreciate any opinions/thoughts that anyone has


and ps: when we do see each other we end up sleeping together so that has happened, it's just I'm not sure if he likes me to go futher or not, but it seems so


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  • What all has happened between the two of you?

    • We slept together a couple of times at his place, he always invites me over but it's like he never wants me to leave and always wants to see me and I don't know if he likes me in a lover way or not

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    • around 60-70%

    • ok

      I figured as much

      time to end the the physical part now

      as well as the hanging out and other stuff

      You know why already don't you?

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