I don't feel good when kissing!

I have been inlove once and we kissed some but I never felt that butterfly in the stomach feeling or get lightheaded or feel happy or giddy because of it. I'm really Sure I loved him but I just put up with the kissing because he wanted to. I tried to date recently and have kissed some guys but I never feel anything. I can mostly taste what they had for dinner and even thou I am relaxing and try to think of romantic things and just be in the moment it's never good to me. I feel a lot happier and warm when a guy kiss my forehead. I love the affection I feel when he does that but kisses on the mouth/with tongue is just... Meh. What is wrong with me?! What can I do to have a nice romantic kiss without just wanting for it to be over?


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  • Maybe you're trying to hard to enjoy it or understand it. If you love someone and you kiss, you feel them up close, you look into their eyes, your sensitive lips touch, you taste each other... how to explain... look, when I kiss my partner most of the time, I don't just kiss, I place my hands around her, I gently stroke her back, her arms, her ribs, the back of her neck and if things are progressing towards something, I gently run my hands down the front of her. The whole idea is to stimulate each other, create enjoyable sensations, feel each other, embrace and understand their body with your lips you hands, with your body. Do you get what I mean?

    • So it isn't the kiss that feels good but the body rubbing? :D Haha I will try to ask my boyfriend to touch my body more while we kiss then maybe. I just never feel good from a kiss alone :/

    • well, for me, I also like simple kissing, but there's a purpose to kissing, it shouldn't just be about "that's what couples do," it should be about sensations and pleasure and I think anything that enhances the experience and pleasure is a good thing. Also, maybe when you build up some great experiences with kissing you will learn to enjoy it. Like I have had a few amazing kissing experiences and maybe when I kiss now my body remembers, maybe it means something to me now.

    • Maybe, but I tried to kiss a lot of different guys when I was dating but I never felt anything good about it. Not even now when I have a boyfriend and we kiss every time we see each other. He really like to kiss me and I don't mind, but I want to be able to feel the same thing he does. :)

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  • Aw, if you are feeling like this now, I don't even want you to imagine what it's going to be when you have sex. You know, we actually do pee with this thing ;)

    The easy solution is to have the same thing for dinner as your boyfriend, so at least there won't be a weird taste ;)

    • Yeah but I want to feel good too when I kiss someone. :(

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    • I think you are having a psychological barrier towards kissing. Don't think of germs, think of sharing ;) When you can overcome this, you'll get to enjoy kissing.

    • I'm not afraid of germs either haha. There is really nothing I feel bad about when kissing! It's nothing like that :) I just feel neutral, no buzz no happy emotions nothing, just neutral. I want to fix it into Kissing becoming something positive instead of neutral!

  • maybe it was because he had bad breathe or he was a terrible kisser. I was always lucky in that area. all the women I kissed usually enjoyed it. I went with one girl once she did not want to stop kissing.

    • I thought at first my boyfriend was just a bad kisser, but when I started dating again and every kiss from every guy felt the same I realized something is wrong with me, not them. :( I just don't know what.

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  • There is nothing wrong with you. Where in life does it say that kissing is an important part of dating. Kissing is just something we made up. You don't have to get a buzz from him kissing you. Some do, some don't. It doesn't mean you love him any less you just don't like to kiss!

    • But I want to like to kiss. I want to be happy when my boyfriend kiss me and I want him to feel loved when I kiss him back because I feel good kissing him, not because I feel obligated to do it. :/

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    • Sorry, but love and attraction are two different things. I love my brothers but I certainly am not attracted to them. I love all of my male friends and am happy to see them and spend time with them but that does not mean I am attracted to them. You might want to take a step back and really reavaluate your feelings. Its truly an amazing feeling when you have both of these feelings in combination.

    • Ew I would have my boyfriend if I didn't love him romaticaly! I would never be with someone who I love as a brother! :( Kinda feel offended that you think my feeling for my boyfriend isn't true! I get that it's odd that I don't feel that way when I kiss. :/ I don't mind if it's normal or not I just want to fix it so I can enjoy it with my boyfriend who I love and is very attracted to! :)

  • Well you might not be confortable with the whole exanging saliva thing butyou don't have to feel thrilled with every kiss! don't worry we alll have our things, some like feet, some other can't bear any corporal fluid etc. there's nothing wrong with you ;)

    • I don't mind saliva haha. I really don't mind anything. I don't feel bad about it I just want to feel good when we kiss.