Ex boyfriend and I texting again...good idea?

My ex boyfriend and I have been texting again. It's not like I'm enjoying texting him, but more or less guess I'm enjoying that he's thinking about me still even after being broken up for a few months, just a little over a 1/2 a year. I've been interested in another guy, but it's like a race to see who texts me back first and who's conversation is more interesting. The guy that I am currently interested in so shy and I think since my ex is so open, and was shy at first but was willing enough to ask me out makes me wonder if this new guy is actually into me. He details all the signs of being interested, texting me first, when he see's me always looking at me but sometimes too shy to initiate conversation, like once he kept standing next to me a distance away looking at me and it wasn't until like 30 minutes that he asked me to go and smoke with him.

my ex on the other hand talks to me about everything now-a-days I would guess because he's interested to know what I'm doing and perhaps even a little bit interested in me. He calls me "hun"-that is until I asked him not to and now he's turned to "buddy"

of course I'm extremely interested in the guy I'm talking to, but he's so shy that it almost makes me paranoid that he's not interested in me. And I'm not quite sure how to ask him if he's interested in me (any advice on that?)

...i'm honestly not sure what my real question is. I guess just need advice on how to act towards my ex and how to question my crush whether he is on the same level as me...

any help will work :D


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  • We need to address these separately


    My opinion

    Cease contact with the ex

    it is happening for ALL the wrong reasons

    • what do you mean?

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    • i had a nicer phone than him, but I never gave him my number and he never asked for it or gave me his. When it was time to go back to school I started seeing him less often, but began going to the bar with my best friend. He always got so happy looking when I showed up. And then one night to make sure that I got home safely he asked me to give me his number and that same night ended up texting me. For days after that he'd text me asking me many questions seeming very interested. One day I asked

    • Him to go for a walk, and he was interested and we even saw each other in person two days before we were planning on going for a walk. And then he texted me the day of the walk and said he wouldn't be able to but he'd love to. His excuse was because the snow fall might get heavier and he might get called in to work. So I'm not really sure if he's interested, being shy, or just wanting to be a friend...he also told me about his ex girlfriend...

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