Torn between two girls


A-Do I follow my heart and let the cards fall where they may with Girl#1

B-Give Girl#2 a chance since there is no history and maybe this will work out to be a much better choice in the long run.

or C- Not date anyone until I'm over any feelings for anyone. (FYI- I lost my wife of 8 years to cancer and I have a weekness to fill the void)

I am guilty of the yo-yo affect. I have been involved with two girls at different times. I am dating the last of my favorite who is quickly winning my heart over. But there is a "but" and that is, I am not completely over my #1. Let me tell you a little bit of the pros and cons and hopefully you can help me out to clear my mind.

Girl#1 I love like no other. She and I have been in an off and on relationship for 5 years. The reason of our break ups has just come to a head. She secretely had a drug problem and is now in route for recovery. Our off and on was because of me braking up with her and she always found a way for me to forgive and forget. I didn't know about her drug addiction but I knew something wasn't right and was the because of our break ups. I love her and she loves me but I can't take anymore heart ache if she relapses.

GIrl#2. I love but not as in love with her as #1. I am very interested in and I believe we can make something out of it. She is ready and moving super fast and wants to just get the relationship in the "Exclusive" status.


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  • C for sure. Girl one needs to work on herself. By trying to be with her, you're stopping her from dealing with her issues properly. By being with girl 2 for the sake of it, you're stopping yourself from dealing with your feelings. See choice C. :)

    • I was working on choice C when I met B but A keeps popping in and out of my life. She really wants me and I would love to be with her healthy and clean. She really has a lock on me.

    • Why don't you cool it with A, take your time... and just see what happens when she's been clean and stable for a while.

    • You know what is funny. That is the same advise I got from my mother in-law. She knows girl #B. She's a friend of the family. Everything was looking promising until #A called, melted my heart. I was advised to just play it cool and let nature take it's course. She didn't advise me to play games or either girl but just don't commit and take my time.

  • How long ago did your wife pass away?

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    • I think it's fine to do it over the phone. It may be harder to stick to your guns in 2 weeks is kind of a long time.

    • just got back on. it had been almost 10 years at that time.

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