This girl gave me her number and (HELP!!!)

The same day around 9pm she texted me talking about all this stuff about her ex that broke up with her, broke her heart and how she was crying. I made her feel better and we kinda hit it off. She told me to text her sometime tomorrow. Now today I don't know if I should text her. I don't want to seem like I'm too available. should I wait until sat or sun this happened thursday. When she was together with her boyfriend she would always stare at me like if she liked me even when she was with him, and before there got together she stared at me too but I didn't make a move because I was dating someone else

Thanks guys. I texted her. thanks!


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  • Text her! She gave you explicit instructions about how to go about starting something with her, and you're wondering about it?

    "Hi, it's [your name]. I'm going to call you at [pick a time in the early evening]"

    That's all you need to text. And then call when you said you would, exactly on time, and set up a meeting for coffee or something low-key and light. Make sure you have picked the time and place before you call her.

    Note: Make certain you're not going to be some rebound chump.


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  • she was wrong in the first place to dump it all out onto you, she's probably looking for a friend at this moment, don't look too much into it.

  • If you said you'd text her, you better text her, otherwise you may look like you are flaking on her. My advice is to text her something funny, as if you aren't texting her just because you said you would. For example:

    "The funniest thing happened to me today, I was in class and the kid next to me started snoring so loud he woke himself up...I hope your day was as hilarious as mine."

    Think of something like that, it will seem casual and not needy.