Ways to make a guy want to text you?

Guys, what makes you want to text a girl? And what's your ideal length of time to text (a few minutes, an hour, split up throughout the day..) just curious!


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What Guys Said 1

  • LOL. Overanalyzing. No normal guy has thought about this question. But, here is an answer that may help; If we're interested, we'll text you anytime, all the time, once you're reciprocating. If we're not interested, we'll do the opposite.

    • This. You have to reciprocate and not make us do all the initiating. Very frustrating and makes think you aren't interested.

What Girls Said 1

  • why oh why are trying to "make" someone text you? why is everything a petty a game with girls? lol you obviously want to talk to him, so just log out and text him!

    • I guess 'make' was a bad word because we already text regularly, I was just asking

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