Starting to feel like a Pussycat Dolls "Buttons" song?

Guy, girl, friends with benefits. Guy wants to take it further and have sex, girl says sure. Guy seems like he really wants to, and leads girl on, but then starts making up excuses and stops responding to the girl. He then finally responds with this "sorry I've been thinking about what to say and can't think of anything but I don't think I want to and I'm not sure why but for some reason it doesn't feel right." ...what does this all mean? advice would be nice =] thank you!


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  • Something physical he doesn't dig about you, or you're too much of a chatterbox.

    I mean that with love.

    • Aha sure sure you mean it with love alrighty but no ((not trying to sound cocky here)) but he definitely digs my body he always initiates the fooling around

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    • Nicole? "Now up on's NICOLE! Drinks $5 during her set, fellas" . I've heard it in real life. More than once.

      You should consider just removing yourself. Let him re-establish a connection. We pursue that which retreats, so...retreat.

    • Hey not fair my parents chose my name and I'm not slutty like that...but anyway I could retreat which won't be hard since he will be going back up to school soon but I don't want to retreat in order to make him pursue because again I don't want him thinking I like him like that because I don't I honestly just want to have sex and that's it and he wanted to in the beginning and now this

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  • Maybe he found a girl whom he has intentions of making more than a sex object and he doesn't want/need you anymore

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