After almost 6 months of flirting, he found out something, now isn't interested but still wants to be friends

He -lets call him Frank- started messaging me on Facebook, we talked for hours, and it continued, it wasn't on a routine basis. it at first was sporadic.

Time went on I hadn't seen him in a few months at this time and wouldn't see him for at least 5 more. I then saw on Facebook that he had a new girlfriend and he would not tell me where he was and what he was doing, just that he was on a "Secret mission." it did hurt but I was a good friend and was supportive. But that did not stop our long talks.

I wasn't the innocent little angel either. I would drink every once in a while and get drunk and sometimes ended up messing around with a guy, but not have sex.

Fast forward a couple months and he had asked me out and I pretty much stopped messing around, except once, and after that I stopped.

A month later he texted me asking about rumors he heard that I slept with a lot of guys. I told him the truth, that I messed around but didn't have sex with any of them and that I was still a virgin. he instantly told him that he wasn't interested any more.

I told them that I really liked him and hoped to remain friends and he responded back with "of course we can still be friends :)"

I am really confused as to his response. we were never exclusive, and I know I didn't make the best decisions but, I never though it would just instantly because him not to be interested. I never would have kept it from him, and I didn't. If anyone has some input to help me out please.


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  • who the hell flirt for 6 months? of course you're bound to find something you don't like..

    • it was because we couldn't see each other for that long

    • After re-reading your question I came to the conclusion that what you did is most likely against his principle.

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  • I think he was either looking for an easy girl, or the complete opposite.

    If he was looking for an easy girl, to learn that you were still a virgin showed him you weren't.

    If he was looking for a "pure" girl, to learn you were messing around showed him you might cheat on him at any time.

    And yes, 6 months of flirting is waaaay too long.

    So move on.


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  • It means exactly what he said. He still likes you, just doesn't want anything intimate

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