Is it appropriate for a guy who's in a relationship to have "platonic" female friends?

Lets say your dating a guy who has a lot of platonic female friends, is this appropriate or acceptable?

(p.s - my boyfriend and I love each other but were not yet engaged or married, so is it OK that he has platonic friends?)


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  • Yes! It's fine.

    They're friends, don't freak out. If these are people he gets on well with you can't stop him being friends with them because they're female.

    My closest friend is male. I'd never consider a "realtionship" with him, but I'd kick my boyfriend out in an instant if he suggested that I stop being friends with him.

    • ya fair enough...I know my man loves me or else he wouldn't be with me for so long now or be all over me lol

    • Exactly, if you start stressing about him having friends that are female it suggests you don't trust him..

    • I do trust him...I just get jealous sometimes, but I'm a lot better with him now about that...hes honest and he has told me who all of his friends he's my first real relationship and I still have lots to learn

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  • Of course it is.

  • By Platonic you mean he "loves" them, though not in a sexual way? If so, I would say that as long as there are boundaries it's ok.

    • by platonic I mean he just sees them as friends and nothing else and that there's no sexual touching or behaviors with them...

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