Trying to see if this kid is into me or not? Would like someone's opinion please :)

This guy and I been flirting for a month or so and hanging out, recently we ended up having sex, it happened soon and I'm well aware but I haven't been single in 3 years and I got really screwed over, so that's all I was looking for at this point, a hook up with no feelings no we had sex, and still to this day he texts me every day and we still hang out, and 2 days ago I came out to meet him at this lounge and he was making out with me in front of everyone we know and holding my hand...I was kind of shocked that he was acting like that but I enjoyed it of course, he was drunk & looked at me and told me that he liked me...anyways my question since I've told him I just want to be friends no feelings no attachment...I'm now kind of changing my mind...I'm actually starting to like him, I don't know how to act...I know he gets a lot of girls, so I don't want to like be pushy and seem like I'm sweating how do I act? And how can I tell if he even looks at me like that!? He texted me today first as always and also sent me a picture of himself smiling, so I sent him one back...are those good signs? I know I sound like I'm 5 ha ha but I just haven't been single in a very long time and forgot the game rules ...needs some pointers!


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  • If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If you guys are having a good time, why change it? Just keep doing what you're doing!

    • I guess I'm just wondering if I should play the whole game of like acting like I'm not so available etc etc...

    • no.. don't change anything and just see how it goes. If he starts changing, you change according to the situation. But cross that bridge when you get to it.

  • This is good that he is initiating contact. If you are starting to have feelings aswell. you should try texting him first sometime so he knows that you are interested.

    • Well I told him the truth about the stiaution with my ex, we broke up 4 months ago and I haven't even looked at a guy since, and I told him that he's the first person I've been attracted to since my ex, and I never thought I'd get to that point again...does that count? Lol

    • This is the hard part. You can't go overboard with spilling your emotions because some guys think they can go find another one because they got you wrapped around their finger. (I did that lotsa times). At the same time, you can't act stone cold. It takes some skill, but eventually you get used to it with a person.

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