I'm having an issue about the 2nd date!

hi...1 week before I had a date with a girl(shy,but strong personality). The date was perfect,touching,hug,playing with her hair,she was leaning towards me.At the end of the date left the car and went with her until the door,she then tried to delay and not get in and started flirting with me again..so I hugged her and went for the kiss.She turned her cheek..i kissed the chick,held her and we remained hugged for a while.It was ALL PERFECT.

Next week its our 2nd date but I don't know if I should try kissing her,i mean,maybe she ll think that I just go for it every time I see her until she kiss me back and that I can't wait..ahh you know how it goes.Maybe I should just leave her wanting more..again maybe its just me..any ideas?should I do it?and when+how to do it..i ll really appreciate any help :))

thank you for your answers!


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  • A kiss on the cheek is a common way to create sexual tension between the both of you, which is important if you want her to want the first actual lip lock. If you're concerned that she wants things to go slow between you two, then wait for a moment she says or does something nice to you, and grab her hand and gently kiss it. Watch her response. If she smiles or laughs, then she is probably wanting to be kissed that moment.

    You just have to know how to lead into it. Don't make every moment seem forced, just play with it. General touching is very essential to ease someone into advancing to next steps of physical connection. Look at her body language. Does she lean in to you when you have a conversation? Does she randomly touch you? These are hints that she is ready for it. All this may increase that sexual tension, and sometimes the best kiss is considered to be one she has been waiting for. If she does look at you and leans in, hold that gaze for 2 seconds. It will be a memorable moment because the tension was building up even more in that amount of time. After that first kiss, stop for a moment and slowly plant another soft kiss. Don't rush the moment. Good luck.


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  • Well its really not my desion to choose for you but if you really like this girl and she seemed to like the first kiss you gave her then I would go for but on the cheek again because she might think your going to fast with the realtionship. Then she might warm up to the idea. Hope this helps! :)

  • try kissing er


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