The kind of girls I approach?

I've never had a girlfriend. Every time I like a girl, my feelings are unrequited.

People always tell me that it may be the kind of girls I go for.

I go for the nice girl, who is a little shy, and quiet. I go for girls of all kinds - but they always turn out to be the same kind of person. I am always surprised to learn that she is promiscuous/a drunk (a big turnoff)/ or whatever else.

So who am I supposed to be going for then? Girls I'm UNATTRACTED to?


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  • I'm confused how you go for the "nice/shy/quiet" girls who also happen to be "promiscuous/drunk/etc"...? Those two never go hand in hand from what I've seen.

    If sounds more like you go for the "sexy/slutty" type girls, which is understandable because you might feel the most physical attraction towards them. Start friendships with the ACTUAL "nice/shy/quiet" girls and you will find yourself attracted to them as people, not just attracted to their bodies.

    • They're nice/shy/quiet, then they have a dark side.

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    • I'm telling you to be honest with yourself and to start friendships with girls you might not be physically attracted to (at the moment).

    • I like all different types of girls, but their reaction to me is always the same