Would you date someone you did not like on the first date again?

I went out with this guy, he was nice but I was not attracted to him, I dated him on Monday and now he wants to date me again, shall I say yes? what do you think, if you were in my shoes would you date him? shall I give him a second chance?


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  • You should not force yourself to do something that you don't want to do. If you don't like him in the same way he likes you, well, that's where it's at. If you think about this whole situation for a while and find something about him that you find attractive, then go for it. Chances are he's a really great guy. But if it just doesn't work out, tell him and if he understands that he'll accept it.

    I'm in a similar situation like you, except I'm the guy that hopes for another chance. Since it was our first actual meeting in real life I was kinda nervous and didn't show myself in the best way for her. If she would give me another chance I'd try to make it better, if not...well, you can't blame people for not liking you in the same way, eh? You just have to accept that it won't go the way you hope and want.


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