Define Dating... please.

Do words have to be exchanged? Or can it just be a mutual feeling through touches and kissing?


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  • Dating means you go on a series of dates.

    A date is when you and a partner spend time together at a pre-scheduled event. A movie, concert, museum, dinner, etc. etc. etc.

    If you're kissing and touching, that can be _part_ of a date. But kissing and touching alone _are not_ a date.


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  • Well there should be some form of communication on a date. You don't want to start off your relationship based on physical attraction because that won't get you very far together. Everything will be focused on having sex which wouldn't be much of a real relationship at all. Its okay if you want to get physical on a date, depends on your morals. But I'd definitely recommend not just keeping it physical and communicate and get to know each other most of the time. He could be totally lame and you wouldn't know.

    • I wouldn't call it just physical attraction, I've been flirting with him for sometime and we usually have lunch or dinner together (and he helps me with homework too). I don't know... I just kind of feel lost...

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