Strange behavior... ex-girlfriend taking him to hockey game

I've been dating my boyfriend for a while now and like most relationships, we were great at first but we're had a few small arguments time to time. Nothing too serious and none that would jeopardize our relationship. But the last week he's been very distant and now his birthday is next week and his ex-girlfriend is taking him to a Washington Capitals game in DC. I actually don't mind that because she has been planning this since before they broke up in Oct. But I'm just wondering if he's planning on leaving me for her right before his birthday. They were together for almost 2 years. Anytime I ask him if wants to do anything though, he ALWAYS says, he either doesn't know what he's doing that night or no. And I'm not really the stalkerish type of girl and I'm not that close with his family that they would tell me if his ex was or is there. I've been kinda laying low though and trying to keep my distance and that doesn't seem to be making a difference either. I don't want to say anything that has to do with him going to this game with her. What's your advice?

I do trust him. And I trust his ex because I've met her in the past before they broke up, but I'm just wondering why he hasn't asked me to come spend the night or even just come over to spend a little time with him. I know, I know... guys need their space too and that's why I haven't pressured him about me coming over. But he has his own play-off hockey game tomorrow night and I asked him if I could come and he has yet to answer yes or no. I was actually going to bring his team cookie.
I'm sorry, I meant bring his team cookies because it was their last game. Lol sorry!


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  • It would not matter to me how long ago this was originally planned. If he's your boyfriend and she's an ex, then he should know that it's not good to go and she should find a replacement to fill that seat, or... she should let him still go and give her ticket up so he can bring someone. What's going on is not right, but it shouldn't necessarily be up to you to send up a flare. Maybe I'm old school, but it seems to me like you're giving him some rope and he's hanging himself with it.

    • You want to allow space, but his actions surely bother you. He doesn’t ask you over and if you suggest something, he’s not receptive. And he’s going to a game with his ex. Sorry but that’s not my idea of a boyfriend. You could try to stop him from going, but should have weeks ago. If you do let him go, you could make it known that if he’s your boyfriend, he should be done with her now. His reaction may reveal who matters. Or say nothing and wait for him to do something like it again.

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  • Don't jump to a conclusion unless you have more fact or information on it. You're just going to torture yourself, and show distrust of him. If he loves you, you have nothing to fear. If he doesn't, you will find out.

  • Well, I'll be honest, I wouldn't be happy about it either. However, I don't know these people and cannot judge whether or not he's an ass.

    Your best course of action is to talk to him about it. Honesty is what you want from him, so your goal right now must be to be as honest with him as you can be.


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