Can you someone please walk me through on what to do on my TV date night?

Like I'm having this girl over Sunday to watch TV and a movie. Can someone tell me like steps or what they would do as after she knocks on my door. I've never done something like this before. So like a list of ten steps would be good.

I asked her what snacks she likes and she said fruit and pretzels.

I didn't realize my title was so messed up. Can someone please is what it's supposed to say


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  • and what's your final aim? To marry her or to Rock & roll then dump her?

    • Just to date her and see where it goes.

    • then start slowly, and hope she's communicative enough to tell you what her aim is.

  • What movie and shows are you watching? Do you know what she likes to watch, do you know her favorite or any comedians that she likes? What type of personality does she seem to have?

    • We are watching Modern Family and then maybe a movie. I wasn't sure on a comedy or a dramatic love story like Source Code with Jake Gylennhall. She is a very bubbly, but reserved at the same time kind of girl. I'm just wondering if she expects at some time during the evening to make out with me. Not sex, but like make out. Isn't that what usually happens when you invite a girl over for a movie?

    • I would watch a comedy or romantic comedy, the mood seems to be always better when you both are laughing, comedies can be good tention breakers. Yes, making out happens a lot when guys invite girls over, but it all depends on the girl. Be calm and confident, sit next to her, focus on her and the shows. Ask about her and her family, about what she wants and expects out of life, keep her entertained. If she's looking at you and smiling or giving you good vibes, then by all means kiss her man.