He said he was going to text me "tomorrow" but he never did?

Ok this guy texted me using someone else's phone, basically saying that he was interested in me. I met him previously and I thought he was attractive so I decided to give him a chance. He was using someone else's phone because he told me he had broken his personal phone and that he was getting a new one the next day. He told me he'd text me the next day. But he never did and I haven't heard from him since. That was a few days ago. So is he interested or not? I mean wtf? I wish people wouldn't play games like that. If you like a girl then be consistent. But don't pretend that you like her and then just disappear


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  • I know it's hard, but don't stress too much. Maybe it's simply something like a delay in getting a new phone. Or in the process of swapping them over he lost your number.

    I'd give it a few days so you don't seem clingy, then get in contact with him. Even if it means texting back the number he used before.

    Don't want to say it, but there's also the option he was lying about his phone and it was a joke - you're more likely to know how possible this is? Is he the sort of guy that might do that? Or is the person who's phone he was supposedly using?

    Hopefully you can dismiss this straight out it was some silly technical issue.

    Good luck! x


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