Mixed (text) messages, is it just flirting?

A guy friend I’ve been getting to know better has me guessing. He lives in my nearby hometown and we’ve hung out a couple times while I was home. But he seems to be more at ease when texting or chatting on FB. We’ll joke about rough housing, I’ll be talking about how I get silly and forward when tipsy and he says he should be there with a wink and a ‘haha’. I flirt back, too. But when I tell him I’m going out for the night he’ll say something like ‘the boys better watch out’ or tells me to ‘go get ‘em’. Not sure how I should be taking all this as him being a huge flirt or if he’s just trying to feel me out.


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  • what I can gather from what you have put is that he likes you but he is not sure if you like him, so he makes jokes about you and other guys because if you agree with the jokes then he knows you are not interested but if you show no interest in other guys then he believes he has a chance.


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