Do you think that this old fling sees me as just a friend now?

Well you can read pretty much the whole story here: link

And, as you can read on my last update, we became friends again last night. Some signs that makes me begin to wonder if he sees me as more than a friend now again are that he hugged me right after I asked him if we can be friends again, he gave me his phone number again [cause I told him I got a new phone] and we started texting again and he would even text me when he knew he was a few feet away from me, and I sometimes caught him looking at me. So what do you think? I doubt that he's going to try anything again but I think it's possible he still has attractive feelings towards me. And I'm probably going to see him again tonight so you can give me advice on what I should and shouldn't do.

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well now I'm not so sure because he seemed to sometimes be ignoring me last night though he claimed that he was tired and "pissed off" [apparently at some girl drama that he was having].
and also from hearing him and other guys it seems like he's just really into sex, not necessarily the girls themselves [apparently also from my situation.] and I'm trying to still be friends with him though it's sometimes hard and awkward.


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  • well the first thing is he is flirting and it maybe possible innocent flirting you may take the risky road and tell him how you feel or take the safe road and just let things takes its course...You never know you might end up back together..

    • Well you might have gotten the first part right, though I had said something about him last Saturday and other people [his co-workers] were adding to it and, thus, he thought that I told that we had sex [when I didn't, and we didn't.] well now everything's cool cause he found out they were just joking but I really, really don't think we should or will end up back together because of what kind of guy he is and our big age differences [he's only 16 and I'm 21.]

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