Is me living far away keeping him away?

I worked with this guy for a year who showed some interest in me, I had a boyfriend at the time so I didn't show anything back. After me and my boyfriend broke up, I moved 3 hours away. He messaged me a couple months after I left and we started talking more. It was going really good and then it faded and now its totally stopped. I Haven't initiated conversation in over a week, I figured he has lost interest...or is it because he thinks its pointless since I live so far so he gave up? should I text him again, and also why did he wait so long to talk to me in the first place, we could have been dating before I even left! lol, he also thought I would never be interested in him..but I tried to show him I was...I really like him and I'm going to be moving closer to where he lives now for a better job, and I want to get to know him more, and talk to him more, but I'm not sure what to do since he isn't showing interest anymore :/ any advice will help.


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  • Honestly, it IS pointless when you live so far away. My advice to both of you is: find someone who is PHYSICALLY available to you. Starting a relationship as a long-distance relationship is almost always setting you up for failure. And it isn't much fun when it's all on the phone/computer, is it?

    If you DO end up moving closer, you can try to reconnect then, but he might have moved on by then. It's not your fault, but with relationships, timing is as important as anything else, and if the oppertunity is gone, you have to accept that and move on yourself.

    • thanks :) I just didn't want to think it was me because it was fun and nice getting to know him...but for some weird reason I think me moving closer will be our that crazy? He doesn't have a girlfriend now, so that's a good..

    • You could be right, but don't build up too much hope. Rather, live one day at a time. He might be waiting for you with open arms, or he might find another girl the day before you move back. Or he may just not feel like being in a relationship. You never know, but it's best for YOU not to invest too much in something that's a complete question mark at this point.

      Plus, YOU might meet someone else in the meantime too...

    • so true, thanks!

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  • (hahaaa...funni right..i know I in the same boat too. oh gosh.)

    You know what, if he into you and you planning to move back closer to him for a job or whatever. Talk to him see what up and from there you will get your answer, wither he still into you or not. or just being friends. I don't think that he think it pointless, the problem here is you! say hi to him. he be surprise!

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