Texting habits, awkward?

okay so I met this guy and we texted for a while and hung out twice but with other friends too since we met. he's so sweet and we act like we are more than friends and flirt when we text but lately its been weird. he'll text me or I'll text him and our conversations are funny and flirty but really short. he'll text for a little and then say 'oh I have to go do...ttyl?' and then never text back. I know that he isn't a big texter and maybe I'm looking too much into this but I want some guys opinion on this:

texting. do you have short fun conversations a lot because your 'busy'?

do you flirt with girls a lot when you text?


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  • Sometimes extended conversations over texting can be really dull and boring over time. Him saying he has to go, is a nice way of letting you know that he wants to end the conversation (which most people don't do without warning) at least

    • but there has never been a dull moment in our texts, he has even said that I'm the easiest person to talk to and he calls me hilarious all the time...

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    • I know how you feel. I had a falling out with a girl just recently.. I'd always initiate and she'd respond well (over winter break), but it just kind of died down for some reason.

    • but I don't want this to die down. he's the easiest and funniest guy ever so its like I'm not going to let him get away especially when we have close friends to bug us all the time and help us hang out more. but I really am sorry that it didn't work out with that girl

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