Was I wrong to say this?

I'm going out with a guy for the second time this weekend. We are both 17.

We are going snowboarding. Initially, it was just the two of us, but I guess his brother who is in his 20s, decided the he want to go for the ride with us up to the mountain as well.

So this guy asks me if I'm okay with it---and to be honest, I'm not really okay with it. I wanted alone time with him because we don't see each other much. I didn't want to say it though and sound mean, so I just said that "I'm sorry, but my mom is a little hesitant about your brother going. I know he's not a bad guy. But you know... it's a mom thing. I hope you understand!"

Do I sound like a lame chick now...? =_= It's true about how my mom is hesitant though, at first she didn't even want to go alone with this guy because he is going to drive us there.


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  • If you think your mom's careful & protective nature is lame, then yup it was wrong. Really, it shouldn't be a big deal, I'm sure he understands or at least makes an effort to.


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