When a guy takes ages to reply or doesn't reply at all it usally means?

what does it mean...like I have a friend and he always replies really fast but my other friend takes forever or doesn't even reply at all...

  • Can be bothered
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  • Doesnt want to look eager
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  • Soooo into you he doesn't know what to say
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  • To busy to reply
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  • Trys to reply as soon as he gets the message....but arnt attatched to phones as much as girls are
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  • It doesn't mean anything.

    It means he's busy or doesn't have his life dependent on a phone. Why over think it? :x


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  • F) Drunk as hell.

  • I honestly would vote all of these and then some. There are A MILLION factors as to why people don't reply. If you want them to reply to you ASAP, just give them a call and talk on the phone.


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