Guy texting me almost every day, tells a friend he's not interested?

Well, the title says it all. I met a guy, he asked my number, he started texting me every day. I met him 2months ago. Since I can't go out now because of my exams, we can't meet up. Two weeks ago someone I know saw him and they talked about me. He told her "he doesn't want me". But why is he texting almost every day? Since she told me this I've been acting a little more cooler towards him Because I don't wanna get my hopes up. I don't get it..


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  • The same thing happened to me a while back... we texted a lot, on phone and on Facebook... it turned out that he never spoke to me on Facebook when his friends were around...He was embarrassed. I think that in your case, the guy is just not sure of what he really thinks. So instead of just going around telling people that he likes you, he just keep it to himself utnil he's absolutely sure!

    • Hm, could be.. But I don't know how to act tiwards him. We only text and that's getting kinda boring, I don't want him to think I'm boring, lol

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    • yeah cool! Just wait, you'll find out if he likes you or not. and if you don't, then ask him!:) Good luck!

    • Yeah, I got other stuff on my mind right now, like not failing my tests :') haha, tnx!

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  • Friends talk to each other, and he might think this could be weird if she told you he likes you.

    This didn't really work, since she told you what he told her : that he wasn't interested in you in the end.

    But it's not necessarily truth. Check for yourself ;)

  • she could be lying you know

    • True. But I don't see why she would do that. Although, they had a thing a while ago but still..

    • u never know

    • Hm, true... I'll see what happens :) but he has the reputation of being a bit of a player

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